SermonClipper Terms of Service

Agreement Between JSL Solutions, LLC and You (“Client”)

This Agreement is between JSL Solutions, LLC, an Arizona corporation (“DailyDive365” or “we”) with its principal business location at P.O.Box 68052, Oro Valley, Arizona, 85737, and you, the Client (“you” or “Client”), governed by the laws applicable in your jurisdiction.

A. Strategic Relationship

  1. Services: JSL Solutions will provide resources derived from your video sermons, including hosting, in a mobile application format.
  2. Data Use: You have the right to use all member information, in accordance with your privacy policy.
  3. Product Specifications : Both parties agree to the functionality of the DailyDive365 platform as outlined in the order confirmation.
  4. Exclusivity : JSL Solutions is the sole provider of the described services to you. You agree not to create or offer competing products, nor repackage, resell, or alter the DailyDive365 platform without our written consent. 

B. Fees

  1. Monthly Fees: Post-trial, you will pay a monthly fee as determined by the selected package, subject to change at JSL Solutions’ discretion.
  2. Late Fees: Delinquent payments may incur late fees up to the standard monthly or annual rate. Persistent nonpayment may result in cancellation of services. 

C. Term and Termination

  1. Duration: This agreement is effective monthly following your platform’s launch and renews automatically, subject to termination as detailed herein.
  2. Cancellation : You may cancel by contacting [email protected]. We also reserve the right to terminate for nonpayment or inappropriate use. 

D. Client Representations and Warranties You affirm your authority to enter this Agreement and that doing so doesn’t conflict with any existing commitments. All necessary consents have been obtained.

E. JSL Solutions Representations and Warranties We affirm our authority to enter this Agreement, which doesn’t violate our other commitments. We strive for platform availability 24/7, barring maintenance or uncontrollable factors. Specific downtime compensation is outlined.

F. Confidentiality and Publicity

  1. Announcements: Either party may publicly disclose the partnership.
  2. Mutual Confidentiality : Terms are confidential, barring legal requirements or mutual consent. Required disclosures should be minimal, with efforts made to notify the other party. 

G. Payments Services rendered under this agreement are payable as described, with the first month free following initial setup.

H. Video Content We affirm our authority to use your publicly available video content, material and derived images within our systems and products including the user admin panel and mobile app.  Client can request that any client content be not included by contacting via email, chat or phone. Any client requests to not include client content on various products will be honored.

I. General Provisions

  1. Pricing and Currency : All fees are in US dollars. We reserve the right to adjust pricing with advance notice.
  2. Notices: Communications should be directed to provided contacts, with changes promptly communicated.
  3. Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by Arizona law.
  4. Use Restrictions : The name must not be used inappropriately.
  5. Entire Agreement: This document represents the complete agreement between parties.
  6. Amendments and Waivers : Changes require written consent; waivers for one breach don’t apply to future breaches.
  7. Assignment: This Agreement is non-transferable without consent.
  8. Dispute Resolution : Disputes will be resolved through arbitration in Tucson, Arizona.
  9. Force Majeure: We’re not liable for delays caused by uncontrollable events.
  10. Intellectual Property : All rights in the platform remain with JSL Solutions.

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