Preach Once, Inspire Daily

From Sermon to Daily Message in Attender’s Pocket in Minutes! Graphic

From Sermon to Daily Message in Minutes!

Daily message, scripture and poll for everyone! Perfect for small groups, members and congregation to stay connected during the week!

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Reach your People where they're at!

Customized messages crafted by AI and Perfected by YOU delivered to your congregation through your free mobile app, your church’s existing app, Alexa devices and podcasts all week long from a single sermon!

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Your Church App

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How it Works:

In 4 simple steps, you'll have rich daily content for every congregation member

Enter your sermon YouTube URL

Once you’ve entered your sermon YouTube URL, title, date and graphic.  Our AI tools will go to work using your sermon content along with specifics about your church to create a week’s worth of daily messages/devotions, scripture references, poll questions with multiple choice answers and thumbnail images clipped from your sermon.

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Preview and Edit Your Daily Messages/Devotions

You’re in charge!  You have the ability to review, edit and update the content that is created using our AI tools.  Content is created by AI, but perfected by you before it’s made public.

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Select Desired Audio Voice

Choose from the dozens of professional voices or you can use your own voice by providing your voice sample.  Your daily message will resonate even more with your congregation with your familiar voice.

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Schedule Your Messages

You control the days that each message will appear in the DailyDive365 app, your church app, Alexa devices and your podcast.

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Preach Once, Inspire Daily - Key Features

Your congregation and members can install the free DailyDive365 mobile app for access to your daily message.  Members login once and are automatically provided direct access to your ministry’s daily audio and written messages on their phone (Apple and Android).  We also provide access to the mobile web app that can be integrated into your existing church’s web app if you prefer.

Based on your sermon points, you’ll have daily content including a daily devotion, associated scripture, a daily poll related to the message for that day.

An audio message for every day that is based on one or more points from your recent sermon.  The message can be delivered in either a professional voice of your choosing or you can use a sample of your voice to have every message delivered in your voice.  Audio messages will be automatically available every day on the DailyDive365 app, the web app, Amazon Alexa devices and your very own podcast.

A private secure prayer board just for your small group or available to the whole church.  Members can post and respond to prayer requests at any time from anywhere with the DailyDive365 app or web app.

Your sermons including your sermon artwork, title and dates are available for viewing on the DailyDive365 mobile app or the web app at any time.  

As the administrator on your DailyDive365, you’ll be able to access colorful charts showing how active your church members are with the Daily Messages, polls and prayer board each day.

Our system will create a word-for-word transcript of your sermon that will allow you as the account admin to review, copy/paste, or do whatever you may need for your sermon transcript.

Your custom daily message will be available on all Alexa devices as part of their Alexa “Flash Briefing” along with local news, weather, sports or whatever your Alexa owners prefer as part of their daily “Flash Briefing”.

You daily content will automatically be included in your very own church podcast and available on all of the popular podcasting services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.  Your members can subscribe to your church’s podcast and get the daily message on the go, in their car, exercising or wherever.

Using our Social Clips feature that is included with every account, you’ll be able to automatically create highlight video clips from your recorded sermons.  Have the system analyze your sermon and suggest a list of engaging clips that your can select and download for inclusion on your ministry social platform (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)

Give Us a Try

Free for 30 days
$ Free First Month Only
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Up to 8 Sermons
  • Mobile and/or Web app
  • Daily audio and written messages
  • App, Alexa, Podcast and Social Clipper
  • All Features Enabled!


30 Day Free Trial
$ 49 Limited Time Only
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Up to 40 Sermons per month
  • Mobile and/or Web app
  • Daily audio and written messages
  • App, Alexa, Podcast and Social Clipper
  • All Features Enabled!


As the account administrator, you control who has access to your daily content on the mobile or web app.  You would add your members and they would receive an automated email with instructions to install the DailyDive365 app and login for the first time.  Everyone will have access to your Alexa Flash Briefing and your Podcast by just installing your Daily Messages on their devices.

As the account administrator you will control where you would like your daily content to be available.  You can elect to only post your daily content to the destination of your choice (mobile app, Alexa, Podcast).   You can post to all destinations or just the ones you prefer. 

Click on the chat box during business hours or leave us a message after hours.  You can also reach us at 866-852-6648 or at [email protected]

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